ILSE Launches New Life Sciences Incubator
February 11, 2015
ATCC and ILSE Collaborate to Establish a New Translational Microbiology Center
May 11, 2015

ILSE Hosts NJ 1st Pitch Event

Following on the success of the 1st Pitch event series in NYC and Philadelphia, run by the Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA), and the high level of interest across universities and organizationsin the NJ region, ILSE hosted the first ever New Jersey 1st Pitch Event on May 6th.  1st Pitch Life Science is organized by MABA, a life science investor group, to encourage and educate aspiring life science entrepreneurs who know they may be too early to seek investment but want the opportunity to practice their pitch and to receive constructive criticism from experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

The event allows presenters and audience members to hear what happens behind closed doors after a start-up company presents to an investor group. Usually after the company representatives leave the room, the investors have a private discussion to decide whether the opportunity merits further investigation and possible investment. 1st Pitch Life Science offers presenters and audience members the chance to hear what happens in those closed-door discussions, and to learn what really matters to investors.

Presenting at 1st Pitch Life Science allows early stage life science entrepreneurs to:

  • Try out a pitch where no money is immediately at stake
  • Hear what investors and audience members think of their presentation and opportunity
  • Receive early, constructive feedback from knowledgeable and experienced industry people (including representatives from Mid Atlantic Bio Angels)
  • Potentially connect with advisors/mentors and other team members who may be interested in supporting the company’s efforts and adding value at an early stage

Audience members get to hear how entrepreneurs are pursuing new science and new business opportunities and to provide their own feedback regarding the value and effectiveness of those efforts.  The audience votes on a “Best in Show” company which advances to an annual “Best of the Best/People’s Choice” competition.

There is no downside – no investor rejection, no lost opportunities.  Just good advice and potential connections that a company can use to improve its strategy and presentation.

Ultravision, LLC was chosen as “Best in Show” at the New Jersey 1st Pitch Life Science event on May 6, 2015. Ultravision is a medical device company that has developed a unique ultrasound needle that allows physicians to perform peripheral nerve blocks for pain management while using color to identify their location.

September 23, 2023

ILSE announces Translational Research Competition leading to financial awards and accelerator services

ILSE Translational Research Competition The Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship is holding the inaugural Translational Research Competition on October 17, 2023. Join us as academic and industry scientists […]