Core Research Services

Building on our research team’s R&D expertise and our state-of-the-art laboratories, we offer a wide range of research and development services to companies and partners. Our Biotech, Pharma, and Diagnostic company partners collaborate with us as an extension to their in-house research team, and we provide consultation and execute research plans in a fully integrated manner.

As part of our scientific and commercial support, we possess a full range of standard and custom microbial and molecular capabilities, some of which include:

Antibiotic Discovery & Development Studies

o CLSI-Compliant Antimicrobial / Antifungal MIC & MBC Determination
o Antimicrobial Synergy / Antagonism Studies
o Minimum Biofilm Inhibitory Concentration Studies
o Bactericidal / Bacteriostatic Assessment
o Kill-Curve Studies
o Post-Antibiotic Effect & Bacterial Persistence Studies
o Spontaneous & Serial Passage Resistance Determination
o Drug Resistance Characterization (Phenotypic & WGS)
o Cytotoxicity Testing

Microbiome Studies

o Microbiome Sample Preparation and QC
o Microbiome / Metagenome Data Generation & Analysis
o Cultivation and Characterization of Target Organisms (aerobic & anaerobic)
o Mock Community Construction and Validation

Molecular Biology

o Molecular Diagnostics R&D (RT-PCR, qPCR)
o Illumina & Nanopore Amplicon Sequence Analysis
o Nucleic Acid Extraction Services (Kingfisher)
o General cloning & mutagenesis
o Recombinant protein purification

Innovation through Collaboration

Supporting startups and entrepreneurs that drive innovation in the life sciences