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ILSE offers a full range of services to entrepreneurs, scientists, and life science companies in support of their research, development, business, and commercialization needs. These include:

Research services from discovery to preclinical/IND-enabling

Grant writing and support

Business services from team formation to licensing

Additionally, we work with a global network of consultants, academic labs, CROs, CDMOs, and service providers to offer services complementary to our offerings through our Lab & Consulting Network

Lab & Consulting Network

Biotech LaunchPad

Our goal is to ensure the success of startup biotech companies by providing what they need, when they need it, including laboratory space, corporate and business development services, R&D and grant planning, and access to resources and professional networks necessary for the effective startup of a life science company. The Biotech LaunchPad is a comprehensive suite of facilities and services designed to maximize startup success and address commercialization barriers.
Our selection criteria include evaluations of science and intellectual property, fit of the company and its direction in the ILSE community, and assessment of the founding entrepreneur(s) and our ability to advance their programs. Building off the existing expertise of the founding team, ILSE and entrepreneurs jointly develop a customized plan of support, tailored to the company’s stage of growth and prioritized needs. ILSE provides flexible terms for these services such as fee-for-service, discounted or deferred rates, and equity. The approach is not one size-fits-all. Contact us to learn more and explore how we can work together.

Lab & Consulting Network

Complementing our in-house R&D and business expertise, we have partnered with KOLs, consultants, and professional and technical service providers to ensure that our partners and entrepreneurs have access to capabilities across the full spectrum of pharmaceutical and diagnostic research and development. Our Consulting Network provides coordinated consulting services to meet the technical and business needs of ILSE affiliates, clients and partners. The network is comprised of a broad team of experts who possess a wide range of proven scientific, business and leadership expertise in the life sciences.

Elevating R&D Success through Expert Partnerships with The Lab Network

In addition, we have assembled a number of quality R&D service companies to help support discovery and development. Our executive management team is experienced in building and managing CROs, with extensive experience in the CRO services space. Through our contacts, we have established partnerships with leading, highly specialized companies that provide services from early discovery to late clinical phase to move your project forward. The Lab Network provides high quality work on a preferred basis to ILSE companies.

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