Research Collaborations

ILSE maintains an open framework for collaboration, working with scientists, clinicians, engineers and entrepreneurs from industry and academia all over the world. We advance life science research and technology translation via startups or early-stage collaboration and secure investor and grant funding from federal and state governments, industry players, NGOs, and foundations.

Grant Success for Life Science Innovation

We have successfully helped numerous academics, startups, and established life science companies with identifying, writing, and securing grants from the government and foundations. Our team has years of experience in grant writing and drafting competitive applications to ensure grants are awarded. We have licensed assets from top global pharma companies and university tech transfer offices to get biotech startups off the ground and contributed to research in support of development and commercialization.

Collaborate for Life Science Advancements

We seek collaborative research or licensing opportunities in therapeutics, diagnostics, bioremediation, biomanufacturing, agriculture, food production, and various fields exploring the microbiome. Contact us to explore how we can work together toward your life science development goals.
Innovation through Collaboration

Supporting startups and entrepreneurs that drive innovation in the life sciences