ILSE is recognized globally as a leader in microbiology research, specifically in the development of antimicrobial therapeutics and microbial diagnostics. Our research is funded by government grants, industry partners, and internal programs.

New Jersey’s leading life science innovation center, accelerating discoveries that improve the health of humans and the planet.

We conduct basic, applied, and translational research in the areas of genomics, molecular biology, the microbiome, and industrial microbiology, supporting the development of drugs and diagnostics in various therapeutic areas such as oncology and neuroscience, and the commercialization of high-value industrial biotechnology products.

We aim to improve the health of humans and the environment and are focused on biotechnology to overcome major challenges such as emerging diseases, food security, energy, and sustainability. Microbes in particular, play a major role in the delicate balance of human and global health, from infectious diseases threatening the globe to the healthy balance of the microbiome leading to better physical and mental health.

Solutions for a better future with life science innovations

We actively seek R&D and in-licensing opportunities with industry and academia, especially for the development of therapeutics, diagnostics, and high-value products that contribute to the bioeconomy.
Innovation through Collaboration

Supporting startups and entrepreneurs that drive innovation in the life sciences