Core facilities

Scientists and researchers have access to a variety of specialized and standard laboratory tools and equipment at the ILSE facilities.

Variety of specialized laboratory tools and equipment

This includes biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, storage, incubators, environmental Chambers, ovens, water baths, balances, power sources, plate readers, shaker tables, stir plates, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, ultra-cold freezer space (-20C or -80C), compound and inverted microscopes, HPLC, UHPLC, Optical Emission Spectrometer, access to common glass wash and autoclave facilities and other general and specialized lab equipment.

Core Facility Equipment

Additionally, resident scientists have access to major core facility equipment such as a Jeol 500 MHz NMR with autosampler, mass spectrometers ICP, GC MS, Perkin Elmer FTIR, RT PCR, Optima, Bio RAD imaging systems, Illumina MiSeq, Computer Assisted Visual Enhancement System (CAVE): High end visualization and 3D projection LCD and two 3D projection systems.
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