Microbiology is at the core of our research, development, and commercialization expertise. ILSE’s scientists have led discovery, development, and commercialization of numerous antibiotics and microbial products currently on the market.

ILSE has two major collaborations in microbiology, CARB-X and ATCC

CARB-X, Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator (CARB-X), is a global nonprofit partnership accelerating antibacterial products to address drug-resistant bacteria, a leading cause of death around the world. ILSE is one of the four CARB-X Global Accelerator Network partners, where we contribute to the development of the world’s most scientifically diverse, early development pipeline of antibiotics, vaccines, and diagnostics.
We are also partners with ATCC, the leading global biological resource center and largest supplier of cell lines and microorganisms and established the ATCC Center for Translational Microbiology (ATCC-CTM). This center advances new technologies and scientific discoveries in microbiology with a focus on the microbiome, clinical microbiology, genomics, and industrial microbiology. The ATCC-CTM Research Center at ILSE translates promising discoveries in microbiology research and commercializes products, services, and tools in support of researchers around the world.
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