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ILSE INCUBATOR - Thrust on translational science and acceleration of innovation

The ILSE life science Incubator occupies about 15,000 sq ft in the state-of-the-art STEM building at NJCSTM. The incubator was launched in January 2015, with occupancy for early stage life science companies. The ILSE incubator includes fully built-out laboratory suites of approximately 600 or 1,200 sf, with integrated offices for larger suites. Single lab bench space for new start-ups may also be an option. In addition to the laboratory suites, tenants will have access to a broad array of core analytical and research instrumentation located within the STEM facility.  ILSE houses motivated early-stage companies and academic spin-outs with innovative life science technologies and initial funding. ILSE plans to expand its incubator to 30,000 sq ft in the near future.

Facilities at ILSE Incubator

Incubator companies based on demand can be provided access to state of the art instrumentation at the STEM building. Lab support and equipment rooms include core chemistry, molecular and cellular biology equipment, high-end analytical instrumentation, molecular biology, cell sorting and microscopy equipment, and super-computer facilities. Incubator laboratories are furnished with new benches, shelves, chairs, flammable and chemical storage units, fume hoods, refrigerator/freezer, safety equipment, and Millipore water taps.  Additional equipment is available, such as Biological Safety Cabinets, additional fume hoods, storage, incubators, ovens, water baths, balances, power sources, plate readers, shaker tables, stir plates, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, ultra-cold freezer space (-20C or -80C), compound and inverted microscopes, HPLC, UHPLC, Optical Emission Spectrometer, access to common glass wash and autoclave facilities and other general and specialized lab equipment.

Major equipment includes a Varian 400MHz NMR with autosampler,  mass spectrometers  ICP, GC MS, Perkin Elmer FTIR, RT PCR, Optima ultracentrifuge Biotage Initiator 8 microwave synthesizer, ISCO Combiflash Rf automated purification system,  ChemiDoc and VersaDoc for image analysis, high end visualization and 3D projection LCD and two 3D projection systems.