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ILSE Entrepreneur Center


The Entrepreneur Center (EC) aims to lower the barriers for entrepreneurs to start and develop their companies. The EC brings basic researchers and clinical scientists from academia together with successful innovators, entrepreneurs and industry leaders with research, development and business experience. Working with a network of academics and entrepreneurs to define and answer the right questions, we then connect them with the proper people and organizations to help create and nurture start-up companies.

The Entrepreneur Center at ILSE provides Science Strategy & Operational advice through its programs and consultant network. The Center provides scientific mentoring from early discovery to clinical phase coupled with project management advice. The Entrepreneur Center also provides business advice, and forums for the resident companies to present to investors and potential licensing firms. Support for this activity includes services such as business development, licensing, fundraising, business plan creation, equity/corporate structure advice and finance. ILSE has the some of the most well-known people in the field who are members of the advisory board or part of the Consultants network offering their valuable advice to resident companies. The Entrepreneur Center along with Business Center, Consultant network and the Core lab network provides comprehensive services needed for the resident companies to succeed.