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ILSE Business Center


The ILSE Business Center draws on the rich talent in this geographic region to provide valuable business advice to its companies.  The pool of mentors is drawn from highly experienced professionals from the Pharma/Biotech world or firms that specialize in providing business services for health care and life sciences organization.

ILSE provides for its Centers and Resident Companies full access to all business support services through its Business Center. The support services are provided so that the companies can focus on research and attain their goals in the shortest possible time.

For companies in the very early phase, ILSE offers comprehensive startup services through its network partners. Additional services that are critical for the viability of an organization such as accounting, payroll, finance, legal, HR, purchasing, IT support, PR/marketing & basic administrative support are offered through ILSE staff and through specialized firms which form part of ILSE’s network. The Business Center also supports all event and conference management at ILSE.