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ILSE works in partnership with affiliated academic and biomedical institutions to accelerate and extend progression of their early innovations into high-value assets for third-party licensing and commercialization.
ILSE was conceived as an accelerator and integrator, designed such that innovation flows in through its network of affiliates and is then matured and strengthened through a value chain of resources to produce development-stage assets. Programs exit via licensing to industry partners or as the focus of a new company, also returning value to ILSE, its affiliates and investors.


The Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship (ILSE) is an integrated research facility and network that will accelerate life sciences innovation in medicine, devices and other technologies to improve human health. ILSE identifies and attracts scientific innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders and bring them together in a manner unique to our region to:
  • Foster the identification of early innovation and expedite its translation
    into medically and commercially viable solutions
  • Develop a culture of entrepreneurship and train the next generations of entrepreneurs

ILSE achieves its mission through the following four goals:


Create value by linking multiple sources of innovation in the region to generate early life science R&D programs and/or companies


Enhance the value of the portfolio of ILSE research programs by providing R&D and business expertise and services, aligned with cutting-edge science initiatives


Develop future entrepreneurs by creating opportunities for hands on, real world experiences for students and trainees via internships, training programs and access to cutting edge scientific and life science business leaders


Realize value as programs mature and transition to new entities via new company formation or out-licensing to an existing company capable of bringing them to fruition