ILSE offers a variety of services to its partners, incubator labs, startup companies and small to large life-science, biotech and pharmaceutical companies through Microgenomx Services.  The services are currently focused in areas of microbiology and bio-catalysis,  microbial genomics and bioinformatics, microbiome research, clinical microbiology and antibiotic resistance, with the goal of supporting clients in their R&D programs  for successful corporate outcomes.


  • Expert Consulting Services
  • Integrated Research Programs (FTE or Study Based)
  • Early Stage/Pilot Program Support
  • CRO Project Management Services
  • Discovery and Preclinical Service Provider Network


  • Microbial Genome Sequencing & Annotation
    • Bacterial, fungal, other eukaryotes, viral
  • Bioinformatic Analysis
    • Genomic, metagenomic, microbiomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic
  • Preclinical & Clinical Microbiome Impact Studies
    • Study design
    • Microbiome/metagenome data generation & analysis
    • Cultivation, characterization and repository/database of target organisms
    • Microbiome-based clinical diagnostics
  • Antibiotic Evaluation Studies
    • Broth or agar based MIC, MBC, bactericidal, synergy/antagonism, kill-curve post antibiotic effect and persistence studies
    • Biofilm studies
    • Spore preparation and sporicidal assays
    • Resistance studies (spontaneous mutation frequency, serial passage, phenotypic, genotypic and WGS characterization
  • Custom Services
    • Custom tagged strains, custom mock communities, anaerobic microbiology, microbiome sample preparation, clinical isolate libraries/databases

Further details are available in flyers for the following three main study areas

Mutational Analysis

Microbiome Studies

Industrial Microbiology Solutions: Bio-catalysis

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