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It is not necessary for ILSE Consultants to have previous consultancy experience.  Key requirements are specialist knowledge, track record of scientific excellence, professional communication skills and flexibility.

Following an expression of interest, the ICN coordination team will review the application, arrange a discussion with the specialist(s) and follow up on reference to determine a suitable fit with the objectives of ILSE.

Once a good fit has been determined a service contract between the specialist and ILSE is completed covering all general matters such as confidentiality, intellectual property, insurance, etc. to enable rapid response when project work arises.

An orientation is provided to ICN facilities and processes.  Introductions are made as appropriate to other ICN Consultants.  An orientation is also provided to opportunities for additional entrepreneurial engagement

The arrangements for project work (deliverables, timelines, fees, exceptional IP considerations. etc.) are defined in separate statements of work following initial discussion and commitment from the ICN consultant(s) concerned. There is no obligation for consultants to accept work and no obligation for ILSE to provide work.

ILSE clients and projects engage and contract ICN services via the ICN office and website. Once engaged on a project, the ICN consultant(s) interact directly with the client/ project team. Payments to consultants are made via the ICN office.

ICN membership is free for the first three months and a small fee is then charged quarterly for membership to help cover facilities costs. This fee can be defrayed at the discretion of the ICN coordinating team through active engagement in building and maintaining the ICN community or through active ILSE entrepreneurial engagement.

The ICN is open to working with existing consultancy networks on a non-compete basis.  Further details are available on request.

For further questions or to join the ILSE Consulting Network, please CONTACT US.