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The Biotech LaunchPad is a comprehensive suite of facilities and services designed to maximize startup success and address commercialization barriers. Entrepreneurs select customized support, tailored to their stage of growth. ILSE provides flexible terms for services such as pro bono, discounted, or deferred rates and equity.

Conception & Incorporation

  • Technology Evaluation & Licensing
  • IP Evaluation, Agreements & Corporate Contracts
  • Company Registration & Tax ID
  • Branding, website, email & business cards)
  • Registration Agent
  • Cap Table, Stock Authorization & Stock Options Plan
  • Strategic Advisory Board Recruitment
  • Board of Directors

Seed Funding

  • Market Analysis & Commercialization Plan
  • Find Funding Opportunities
  • Agency Communication & Registration
  • Grant Strategy & Application Support
  • Identify Advisors & Find/Develop Partnerships
  • R&D for Series A Plan
  • Budget & Financial Projections
  • Compliance & Third Party Review

Strategic Development

  • R&D Strategy
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Communications Plan
  • Business Development & Partnering Initiatives
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Pitch Deck
  • Negotiation Support (Funding, Equity, Milestones)
  • Due Diligence Documentation


  • Research Design
  • Assay Development & Conduct
  • Grants Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Reports
  • Data Storage & IT Management
  • IP Filing
  • Support Services (Accounting, HR, Public Relations)

Biotech LaunchPad


ILSE maintains a 16,000 sq. ft. incubator space dedicated to labs, offices, shared analytical suites, and conference rooms. The space features labs for chemistry, molecular and cellular biology as well as NMR, mass spectrometry, analytical instrumentation, fume hoods, and super-computer facilities. Clients can choose to have dedicated or shared space. ILSE also provides full operational support including access to Kean University libraries, internet, parking, shipping and receiving, waste disposal, and more.


ILSE offers a wide variety of research services to companies from the startup stage all the way to established pharmaceutical companies. The portfolio of its services spans from discovery to pre-clinical drug development support with a special focus on microbiology and microbiome. Some additional niche areas are genomic sequencing and analysis, microbiome research, assay development, research strategy from concept to market, industrial microbiology and clinical microbiology support.


Biotech LaunchPad provides assistance for key business functions, such as HR, accounting, legal documentation, operational planning, fundraising strategies, etc. ILSE staff and advisors are available to consult with startups to help develop milestones as well as formulate strategies for grants, partnering, and product development. The program also supports basic business functions such as creating and supporting a company website and email, drafting business cards, insurance, incorporation and registration.


Most new life science companies fund operations through grants, thereby making identifying and securing grants a key business activity. ILSE maintains the Grant Review and Writing (GR&W) network to support proposal development, including reviewing scientific and product development plans, developing budgets, writing narratives, and conducting compliance. The network has members experienced with life science innovations, including drug development, diagnostics, and devices to assist clients.


Available to Biotech Launchpad clients, the ILSE Consulting Network (ICN) is a partnership with Synergy Partners, TRN, Novateur, and independent professionals spanning the full spectrum of R&D, clinical, regulatory and commercial expertise. The network comprises over 400 consultants and supports startups across scientific, technical, strategic, and business operations. ILSE assists in connecting the right people in the network to LaunchPad clients.


LaunchPad clients also have access to the Core Lab Network (CLN), which includes several highly specialized organizations providing a wide variety of research and lab services from early stage discovery to late phase clinical. Current participants in the growing network are Rutgers University, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), Fundación Medina, Adesis, International Health Management Associates (IHMA), and Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions.