CrescentaCrescenta Biosciences, Inc. – Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Treatment of Metabolic Diseases. Crescenta, a start-up biotechnology company is developing a novel small molecule drug discovery platform comprised of chemical libraries and proteomics methods, to create new drugs with unique mechanisms of action.


EtonEton Bioscience, Inc. – Molecular Tools and Services – Eton develops and provides a repertoire of cutting edge nucleic acid and protein synthesis and sequencing services to the biological research communities of academia and industry to advance their ongoing experiments and investigations.


ZingygenZingyGen Inc. – Vaccine Discovery & Immune Therapies for Treatment of Tropical Diseases – ZignyGen, a discovery stage biotechnology company is utilizing a novel technology to develop vaccines and immune therapies for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.


Picture2nanoDerm Sciences, Inc.
– Targeted Therapeutic Nano Gels for Drug-Delivery – nanoDerm is developing a novel nanoparticle-antibiotic conjugate system for topical treatment of resistant bacterial wound infections, at higher and more consistent doses, while overcoming potential side-effects associated with systemic administration.


 MDSeq, Inc. – MDSeq Inc is developing a proprietary molecular diagnostics platform.



OliPass Corporation.-OliPass is a biotech company that has developed a novel class of peptide nucleic acids as effective antisense therapeutics.  Their proprietary, chemically modified nucleobases greatly improve cell permeability to overcome  key hurdles in the development of antisense drugs.



Prokaryotics Inc.. – Prokaryotics is an authentic antibacterial discovery organization committed to  bringing forth innovative therapeutics to address the problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria and combating the emerging global crisis of antibiotic resistance.