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Eton Bioscience Inc.

Eton Bioscience Inc is a privately held company located in  San Diego CA  and Union NJ. Since founding in 2003, they have been contributing to the biological research community by providing support to both academia and industry with various services. Eton strives to provide the absolute best through competitive pricing, reliable service and quality care to customers. By developing and utilizing the latest innovative techniques, Eton hopes to become a powerful resource for your research needs. Eton delivers quality DNA sequencing, oligo synthesis and DNA prep. They also provide a variety of custom services as well as their own line of products.

Prokaryotics Inc.

Prokaryotics is an antibacterial discovery organization founded on Merck-in-licensed programs, funded through NIH support, and committed to bringing forth innovative therapeutics to address the problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria and combating the emerging global crisis of antibiotic resistance.

Kathera Biosciences Inc.

KatheraBio is a biotech company developing therapies to treat fungal infections that are a major cause of human disease due to rising numbers of infections globally. KatheraBio aims to develop novel, broad spectrum drugs to overcome the limitations of current treatment options.

Plumeria Therapeutics Inc.

Plumeria Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a non-opioid drug for pain associated with neuroinflammatory indications. Plumeria is developing precision medicine technologies to inform clinical trial design for further development of a phase 2 compound that has shown promise in treating pain.

Crescenta Biosciences Inc.

Crescenta Biosciences is a small molecule drug discovery company focused on developing novel therapeutic approaches for diseases related to fatty acid metabolism. Crescenta’s discovery platform is based on a new concept that allows for the manipulation of biological functions associated with “fatty acid interacting proteins” in a way to correct metabolic imbalance, thus providing broad therapeutic opportunities. By applying this unique platform, the company has assembled a portfolio of first-in-class drug candidates for the treatment of diseases with major unmet medical needs, particularly those related to metabolism and aging.

MDSeq, Inc.

MDSeq Inc is developing a proprietary molecular diagnostics platform.

PhenGen Biotech LLC.

PhenGen is developing a powerful platform for ligand discovery, protein or enzyme engineering, and fabrication of protein arrays with the goal of enabling its partners to rapidly diversify and increase their biologics pipelines. PhenGen synthesizes large libraries of proteins and corresponding coding genes and using proprietary technology are able to couple an individual protein to its unique coding gene. PhenGen is also able to a) select out proteins for enhanced affinity to a user-defined target (biopanning), b) redesign enzymes with novel optimized properties for industrial chemical processes (directed evolution), or c) manufacture protein arrays using DNA gene chips.

Delphine Diagnostics

Delphine Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics enterprise that aims to manufacture and supply certified testing kits to approved facilities following global best practices.Based out of New Jersey, Delphine is passionate in its efforts to deliver best-in-class diagnostics products to speed effective treatment for patients with infectious diseases.Its vision is to enhance human Healthcare by engaging in the development and supply of best- in-class, affordable products for diagnostics; and provide value added services like data insights capabilities on a long-term basis.


NanoNewron is a pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on treating Alzheimer (AD) and related disorders. They have identified a unique mechanism to prevent the loss of neuronal function typical of AD and developed protein pharmaceuticals that act by inhibiting that mechanism. After completing pre-clinical work with non diluting funds they plan to establish partnerships to help transform these molecules into therapeutics for a potential $30 billion market.