The ATCC-CTM’s biocatalysis initiative will provide a “line of site” for discovery through development and deployment of biocatalysts for chemists needing to carry out regio- and/or stereo-specific chemical conversions (e.g. chiral pharmaceuticals, metabolites) or wanting to make a current chemical manufacturing process more “green”.  The offerings of the program are being designed to match the typical biocatalysis work-flow: 

Our current efforts focus on the development of “screen-ready” panels of biodiverse strains from the American Type Culture Collection to rapidly identify a biocatalytic activities of interest.  These custom collections will be phenotypically and genotypically characterized using the Advanced Microbial Genomics Platform, and offered in a plug-and-play format compatible to the end user’s needs.  These services can be tailored to provide a customized solution to meet an organization’s business needs and goals.

Additional services and offerings are envisioned in the natural product space in collaboration with Fundacion MEDINA, an ILSE Core Lab Network Partner with unbroken historical ties to some of the most important natural product-derived drugs discoveries of recent decades.

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